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News December 2018:


The municipality of Alhaurín de la Torre and the company Wavegarden have agreed on the construction of the first wave pool in Andalusia.

The swimming pool is not meant for swimmers but for surfers who, thanks to the installation, have the perfect waves all year round to surf in the "centro surfístico".

A similar wave pool for surfers does not exist in Andalusia and it should be a new attraction for the surfers of the province but also far beyond.

In the new surf paradise of Wavegarden per hour 1.000 waves can be created in the different pools where the intensity is always different and therefore suitable for beginners and experienced surfers.

Wavegarden Costa del Sol has a capacity of 90 surfers who can use different pools.

The park has to be opened to the public in 2020, the year in which surf will also be an Olympic sport for the first time.

At the moment Wavegarden already has two similar centers in Wales (Great Britain) and in Austin (United States). These surf parks receive 150.000 visitors per year. In addition to Wavegarden Costa del Sol, there will soon be surf parks opened in Melbourne (Australia) and Bristol (Great Britain).