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Why choose Sierra Lecrin as your partner?

A bit from my work experience:

I have worked almost 30 years for a holiday park in the south of the Netherlands, when I started there it was a large campsite and a standing caravan park that the owners from the outskirts used for the weekend and holiday periods.

In 1985 we have started to build new holiday bungalows and to finish the camping and caravans and to make it a completely modern holiday villa park.

With all the facilities that go with it, such as a large tropical swimming paradise, supermarket, large playgrounds, bar and various restaurants.

The construction activities fell under my responsibility and consisted of thinking of what we wanted, consulting architect and construction companies.

We have always done a lot in our own management, so we determined what went into the bungalows in terms of plumbing, used building materials, total design and finishing.

We bought all these materials ourselves and that was my job to find and order them.

Our technical department provided all utilities such as water, sewage, electricity, gas and cai.

This was also arranged by me with all the necessary drawings that I made myself.

The construction, outdoor lighting, garden construction and playgrounds were also carried out in-house.

As you see a very varied job that also brought me a lot of knowledge in this area.

So I think I have gained more than enough experience to help you with everything that has to do with the management and maintenance of your second home here in the valley.

What kind of service we can give you:

Sales, renovation and new construction:

In recent years we have focused more on selling properties here in the Lecrin Valley, the interest is clear

increased and because of the good sales we also got a lot more work with the execution of small to very large renovations.

I specialize in pool installations and can advise you on how to treat your pool in the best way.

Furthermore, we can install and maintain all technical installations for you such as air conditioning, heating and drinking water installations, irrigation systems.

Now also working with Dutch solar system for the generation of Electra!

Newest system with Litium batteries with much more power and virtually no maintenance!

In fact, we can arrange all the work of what needs to be done, I now work together with a young local construction company that can carry out all the required work:

renovation or entire new construction of your house or cortijo.

Actually everything you want, because for all work we do have a local entrepreneur now.

We have several owners who want to give you information on how we work and where we have already carried out all sorts of activities.

The entrepreneurs always give you a presupuesto for the entire work that you want to have carried out and then you can decide what you want to have carried out.

View the photo gallery on our website with lots of pictures of work we have already done.

I supervise that these activities are carried out properly and meet your needs.

The renting out of your house:

Given that our activities for sales and renovation have increased considerably

we have now outsourced the rental maintenance and cleaning.

We now work together with our Dutch friend who has now taken over the majority

from our rental and management work.

Such as the meet & greet, close down, cleaning of the rental houses, monthly checks.

She is now also doing the cleaning and maintenance of your swimming pool.

She has a package price for all these services.

We can give advice on the best way to rent out your property, please note that there is now a new law

that all houses that are rented as holiday homes must be officially registered with the Junta as vievenda rural!

Do not hesitate if you want to request more information via e-mail: