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Explanation of buying a property in Spain, Andalusia:

As you have already understood from the media, the moving market in Spain was not too good due to the crisis.

The prices had on average decreased 40 á 50% compared to 2009.

From 2015 the market has been well under way again.

That means for potential buyers that this is the time to buy a property.

The offer is large and very diverse.

We can thereby help well, we know the way to go through. Spanish buying process well

We work together with one of the local law firms that specializes in real estate transactions.

An accountant who provide you with the additional papers in the field eg transfers of utility charges can provide.

We want only buildings in the sales take our view of interest for you as a buyer.

That may be the price proposition, location, type of the object as a B & B or after renovations to make it a whole will be. To your liking a house

You will also find no 100 buildings on the site with us.

We can, if you can not find in search for you for what you desire. Your property in our database

And that equals our strength, we are very flexible and have the contacts to meet your needs.

We can also perform an adaptation or renovation whole.

Are the owners of the houses that we offer for sale has the advantage that we have these houses usually over 6 years in management, and the houses through and through.

The Buying Process:

The purchase of a property in Spain is not the same as you're used regularly in the Netherlands.

That is why we are working with a reliable law firm where is spoken English.

Costs to the attorney charges are an investment and safeguard against potential problems in the future.

Do you have serious interest in a property, we go with you first conversation with the lawyer who already will answer your questions. Legal matters and other important issues

If you decide to purchase the property after this information, a reservation contract will be drawn up between you and the seller, it is customary that you currently pay 3.000 €.

By signing this contact is the property officially reserved for you and will take it off the market.

The contract must contain the details of the property plus a number of clauses to protect you and the owner during the purchase process.

There is also a time limit on this contract. maximum 30 days after signing, the private contract must be signed with the 10% down payment.

Within 1-2 months after the signing of the private contract and the payment of the 10%, the process is handled at the notary where the title deed (escritura) is signed at the notary.

What you must pay the remaining amount.

If you are using a mortgage than the representative of the bank will also be present during the transfer.

Then your new property will be registered in your name in the registry and cadastre. By your lawyer

Your attorney will also take care of paying the 8 30% transfer tax within days after the transfer.

What are the costs in Spain that you have to pay outside the purchase price:

You have to count on about 11% costs buyer:

8% transfer tax, notary fees, 1 1,5%, and further register and land registry fees.

A lawyer usually charges 45 € per hour.

You will also need to open a Spanish bank account, but that is very simple and we will help you with that.

A mortgage is usually not that difficult to obtain, but it is not possible to borrow the full amount here.

At this moment you can again obtain 80% of the valued value as a mortgage.

The additional costs can also be processed in the mortgage!

Interest is currently (2018) 2,4% for a loan of 20 year.

Takes this in mind before you start looking for a property here in Spain.

Furthermore, we can answer all your questions, send us an email with all your questions.