Benalua Natural Park
1.700.000 EUR
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Benalua Natural Park
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Type: property for sale
Rooms: 35
Bedrooms: 24
Year of construction: 1900
Lot size: 4560000 M2
House size: 500 M2

Natural park and caves complex BENALUA:

Very exceptional project: plot of 456 Hectares nature reserve with various cave dwellings in the region of Guadix.

Unbelievable that we came here again, a dream for every real estate agent.

This was a big lake 400.000 years ago, but at the time it became dry due to climate changes, where did we hear this lake.

As a result, the hills and mountains have been affected by the then still flowing water and have left a very special structure behind.

The rock in these mountains was also easy to machine.

As a result, the very first cave dwellings were created here 10.000 years ago.

Until the beginning of the last century there was even a decent community in this area.

Because of poverty everyone has moved away and the previous owner has started the renovation of a number of these cave houses.

He has died and his sons have no desire to continue this and that is why it is now for sale.

An incredible project with many possibilities.

In total there are 6 caves, the first near the stables and water lake and has a total of 7 rooms and is ready for some minor adjustments.

Can 3 bedrooms with bathroom and living and dining area.

Kitchen and electricity are already installed.

Second cave house has approximately the same layout and is located 1 Km further.

Third cave house is the oldest and the largest, 3 cave houses, but all rooms are connected to each other, including the upper one where you can come up with a carved staircase.

Beautiful old elements still present, see one of the photos.

This cave is at least 600 years old, but probably much older.

Total 18 depart!

Fourth cave house is located on the edge of the nature park on a separate plot of 8 hectares and is easy to sell on, is now still used as storage with 6 rooms.

You can create as many cave dwellings as you would like, you don't need a permit for a cave dwelling!

You can use the various stables as eg horse stables!

You can offer horseback rides through the area, there is a lot of interest in that.

But also other tourist activities would fit well here, hiking, birds in abundance, mountain bike, and all that on your site.

Already reported: an enormous number of species of birds, I have also seen wild mountain goats and the traces of wild boar.

  • · Preservation of hunting for small game.
  • · Services such as electricity, telephone and water.
  • · Water sources from the River Guadalquivir registered Basin 50 year.
  • Expand irrigated area of ​​20 hectares.
  • · Drip irrigation zone 17 hectares includes poplar trees, 2 Ha walnut, pine 4,5 Ha, olive trees 4 hectares.
  • · Swamp with 50.000 M3 water in the upper part of the area distributed over 4 reservoirs for irrigation.
  • · Two reservoirs with pressure pumps.
  • · Communication paths wide enough for a car to be connected throughout the site!
  • · Pig farming with a valid permit.
  • · Ideal for specialist tourism, in the countryside:
  • · Antique large cave with 18 special and unique rooms spread over three floors with internal connection by stairs.
  • · There are also 3 independent cave dwellings throughout the plot.
  • · All plots together consist of 456 hectares.
  • · A part of 200 Ha is owned by a company, the remaining 256 Ha is owned by two heirs.
  • · The part of 200 Ha, has approximately 23 Ha irrigated land, a pig farm and 3 cave houses all with light and water, one of these caves is 3 storeys high.
  • · It has a source with electric motor, 3 water reservoirs and a swamp with 50 million liters capacity.
  • · Water source is entitled to water for 50 year, registered according to the register of the hydrographic confederation of Guadalquivir.

You can see what endless possibilities can be realized here.

A whole nature reserve and that for a particularly attractive price of:

1.990.000 €

This price is not negotiable, it took us a lot of effort and time before they wanted to sell.

And they actually wanted a much higher selling price.

details of properties:
patio garden electricity connection
own parking place drinking water
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