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All information about the Lecrin Valley:

Here you will find all information about the Lecrin Valley, in the south of Andalusia, Spain:

It is an area between the well-known city of Granada and the Costa Tropical, an unspoilt region with an oasis of greenery and a very hospitable population.

Of course anywhere you see plenty of olive trees but also the almond trees are well represented.

The almond trees give the end of January a beautiful pink / white color when they come into bloom, and here means basically that winter is over.

In the lower part around Melegis and Lake Beznar there is a subtropical climate and here you will mainly see lemon trees:

With orange and mandarin trees a colorful whole.

Because of the irrigation system laid out by the Moorish population (already built around the year 1000!) There is plenty of water here that flows down from the Sierra Nevada.

Here you will find the real Pueblo's Blancos (white mountain villages) with farmers who still use donkeys to go to the country because they have to work.

Because the Sierra Nevada is a protected nature area, it is not haphazardly built as it is done elsewhere in Spain, see Malaga area.

brig durcal

The valley is very centrally located:

You drive over a brand new motorway from Malaga to Granada in 1,5 hours!

Within 25 minutes from the lecrin Valley to Salobreña the first coastal town that is not yet overrun by tourists.

The well-known Granada with of course the Alhambra costs you no more than 15 minutes.

Furthermore, a visit to the Alpujarras, the last in the mountains situated stronghold of the Mooren with breathtaking nature and delicious regional dishes.

Of course, it is especially the weather is one of the main reason to come here to add: actually all day sun (now I'm typing this, a mid November 23 24 degrees!).


In the summer months it is pretty warm, but a very different heat than in the Netherlands, not stuffy or oppressive. And most of our holiday homes have a swimming pool to cool off.

Lake Beznar

Also a visit to the coast where you can swim in the Mediterranean or one of the numerous towns with a variety of bars and restaurants is worthwhile.

More info can be found at: www.andalucia.com The villages are all different in terms of size and location, in every village you will find a shop and a bar or restaurant.

Of course with their well-known tapas that are still served here for free!

If there is no shop, the baker or greengrocer will just visit you.

The area is also known as an exquisite walking and cycling area that is extensively used by people from all over the world.

Like everywhere in Andalusia, every village has a few times a year a fiesta that is celebrated exuberantly by the locals where you also welcome


fiesta andalusia

Usually there is a market, a procession in honor of the local saint and a lot of music (flamenco) and of course a lot of fireworks.

All fiëstas in the Lecrin Valley can be found on our weblink page.

The biggest place is Dúrcal and there you will find all necessary facilities such as a medical center which is 24 hours per day and 7 days in the week.

Furthermore, pharmacies, banks, dentists, and a wide range of shops and some supermarkets, many coffee shops and eateries.

In short Dúrcal is a very lively village where the local grandfathers gather every morning on the central plaza.