850.000 EUR
Status type: BOETIEK HOTEL
Pand type :: BOETIEK HOTEL
Pand ID: 67
Type: property for sale
Rooms: 18
Bathrooms: 9
Bedrooms: 9
Year of construction: 2004
Lot size: 262 M2
House size: 743 M2

Boutique Hotel Ronda:

Beautiful newly built (2004) standard boutique hotel in a small traditional village just 16 km from romantic Ronda.

The hotel is built using modern materials and building standards while maintaining the traditional exterior that blends with the charm of the pristine village, it is truly a place of wonder.

The village is one of seven scattered across the valley, all connected with beautiful hiking trails and very well paved roads that will take you to Ronda in less than 20 minutes and also to San Pedro de Alcantaraen Marbella via one of the most beautiful tours through a landscape. that you will never forget in less than 1 hours.

Lot size: 262m2

Built area: 630m2 + 86m2, roof terrace + 27m2 Moorish courtyard.

new construction completed in 2004

Design: architect Colin Frank from Israel

Sufficient safe on street parking spaces.

Drinking water, electricity (three-phase with cheap nightly rate), sewerage, telephone.

ADSL. Wifi everywhere.

Fully registered

The property is owned by an SL company (BV) that is included in the sale.


Relax in the neighborhood of Ronda

Secluded and quiet, the Alto Genal is now no better known than when the Moors first settled here in the 8 century.

It is still undetected and unspoiled.

Even Conde Nast, great in erasing hidden treasures, is unaware of it!

The hotel is perfectly situated for exploring the best of Ronda, the Serrania de Ronda and Andalusia.

Some of the activities that the guests have enjoyed are:

Concert of traditional Spanish guitar music in Ronda. Strongly recommended.

Walking is one of the favorite activities.

Dezevallei is a fantastic walking area with quiet paths that connect the seven village of the Alto Genal.

Hiking routes available!

The city is well equipped with sports facilities:

All activities are clustered at the entrance of the village: a gym (open from 18.00 to 21.00 hours), tennis / basketball / football field, jeu de boules court, outdoor fitness equipment, a playground and, most of the time, a padel court.

We can supply the rackets and balls.

Mountain biking - this is a great area for fit bikers.

Ronda is a beautiful city full of fascinating historical sites. It is a much visited place, but we can help you find the quietest time.

Ronda is an emerging area for wine growing areas and the obvious by-product.

There are now almost 20 vineyards, many of which offer wine tasting.

And a very special one that offers a wine tasting course of half a day.

Some of the romantic cities of Andalucía are easy to reach for a day trip: Cadiz, Jerez, Seville and Granada

And Morocco is on the other side of the water - a short trip by ferry.

Bird watching is another favorite activity.

Other specialties of the area are the ancient Ronda, the city Roman Acinipo and the spectacular theater.

This can be combined with a trip to Cueva de la Pileta, a cave with paleolithic "art".

- do nothing! The hotel is the perfect place to learn to meditate!

Lie down on the roof terrace, read a book, with a cold beer ... dive into the pool. Join the gym in the city and train for dinner.

"The owner has created a charming hotel, perfectly designed to be both intimate and inviting, and one can easily choose to retreat to a cozy and charming room, or a conversation with other guests in the beautiful dining room or the small, fragrant courtyard. The view from the roof terrace is sublime! "

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Interested parties are advised that this is a confidential sale and that as such employees of the company may not be aware that the company is on the market. There should be no direct approach to the property and all viewings should therefore be arranged through the representatives of the seller SIERRA-LECRIN.

More information, e-mail us:

Sierra lecrin

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roof terrace garden electricity connection patio garden
Balcony own parking place Private pool fully equipped kitchen drinking water
Fireplace fully furnished
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