849.000 EUR
Status type: BOETIEK HOTEL
Pand type :: BOETIEK HOTEL
Pand ID: 66
Type: property for sale
Rooms: 17
Bathrooms: 8
Bedrooms: 8
Year of construction: 2001
Lot size: 695 M2
House size: 1171 M2

Ronda restaurant / hotel:

The Hotel & Restaurant was opened for the first time in 2001 and offers 8 spacious rooms, a fantastic bar that serves as a daily meeting point for the whole village, as well as a highly acclaimed restaurant.

The facilities are extended with an art gallery / activity room, a swimming pool and a sun terrace with fantastic views of the mountains and valleys in the Serrania de Ronda.

The hotel is visited all year round by tourists looking for both the romance of Ronda a short drive away and the nearby beaches of Marbella while enjoying the tranquility of a small village with a film-like view.

The current owners also have a spacious apartment with 2 bedrooms in the hotel, making this a fantastic lifestyle business opportunity for the next owner.

Currently the combination hotel / restaurant / bar handles very well around +/- 200.000 € per year, which we think is easy to increase.

The current owners do not pay for ads and use only a few selected websites, which could be the obvious reason for their lower than average occupancy rate, which is a great opportunity for the next owners to achieve a clear and easily achievable increase in sales.

The real passion of the current owners is good food and their reason to sell, besides that they manage the hotel more than a decade, they would like to move to a city to open a high-end restaurant and compete for culinary awards (one of the owners is a great cook).

There is a mortgage up to 2029 that the current owners will pay off with the sale, but that can be transferred to the new owners (pending approval) if they wish.

This company offers a great value for money and can easily be handled by a couple or a family.

The village has good access to the road and is often visited by cyclists, walkers and motorcyclists as a lunch and / or night stop before they continue their routes.

The owners also have an adjoining building at the hotel where the price is 110.000 €.

The house has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and a roof terrace for a total built area of ​​130m2.

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Interested parties are advised that this is a confidential sale and that as such employees of the company may not be aware that the company is on the market. There should be no direct approach to the property and all viewings should therefore be arranged through the representatives of the seller SIERRA-LECRIN.
General Facilities

Looks good

Interieur Facilities

Fully equipped

Completely Furnished

Exterior Facilities

Easy maintenance Garden

Fruit trees

Open Deck

Safety Facilities

Private pool

Restaurant on site

landscape FACILITIES


Mountain Pueblo

View of the mountains

Panoramic view

Community Facilities

Shared parking


details of properties:
roof terrace garden electricity connection patio garden
Balcony own parking place Private pool fully equipped kitchen drinking water
Fireplace fully furnished
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